Today's Features

  • Story hour at library

    The LaRue County Public Library will hold a second story hour at 11 a.m. each Saturday in May. For more information, contact Laurel Sisler at 358-3851 or laurelsisler@earthlink.net.

    Networking for Women

    Networking for Women in the Heartland will meet 11:30 a.m. May 18 at the Schmidt Coca-Cola Museum in Elizabethtown. Fee is $12. Make reservation to sarah@heartlandnet workingforwomen.net.

    Hope Food Pantry

  • Weiner league signups

    Weiner league signups for ages 2 1/2-6 years are 4:30-6 p.m. May 5 and 6 and 10 a.m.-noon May 8 at LaRue County Parks and Recreation. For more information, call 358-9261 or Sharon Allen at 325-3605.

    Golf Scramble

  • Prayer Time

    Middle Creek Baptist Church will have prayer time 7 p.m. May 6 in honor of National Prayer Week. Bro. Charles Juma will lead the service. For more information, call 737-6174.

    Wesley Meadows Bake Sale

    Wesley Meadows United Methodist Church will have a bake sale 9 a.m.-noon May 8 at IGA. Proceeds go to local missions of the church. For more information, call 325-3740 or 358-3300.

    Faithful Citizenship Luncheon

  • Soybeans are in the fields for about six months of the year in LaRue County.  Let’s look at a brief summary of grower actions during these months.

    May: Full-season soybean planting should begin by mid May. Growers will burn down or till weeds prior to planting. Roundup Ready soybeans are grown most often now. Pre-emergence herbicides can be applied immediately after planting and before the crop emerges. Stand counts should be conducted to determine the quality of the stand. 

  • We first offered our new Main Street Membership program at Extension Expo and were pleased to have quite a few of you sign up, about half also volunteering to help with projects. People are still coming in to the office to sign up: $5 for students and seniors 60 or over; $10 for other individuals; $20 for businesses and organizations and $100 for a lifetime membership. We will be reaching out into the community to find more corporate members and individuals and we have no boundaries where members are concerned.

  • A grill owned by the LaRue County Pork Producers was returned last week after being “misplaced” for a couple of months. The group loaned the grill, valued at $1,500, to a local church in February, according to Bill Goatley.

    One of the church members placed the grill in a storage building and forgot about it, Goatley said.

    The Pork Producers can start scheduling community cooks.

  • I love to study the life stories of great men and since I am a minister, I love the outstanding men of the Bible. For example, Abraham who was known as “the friend of God;” Joseph, “the best man of the Old Testament;” Moses, “the greatest man in the Old Testament.” Most of all, I like to study “the greatest life of all – the Lord Jesus Christ.”

  • Revelation 5:1-10 “And have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on the earth.”

  • April is National Organ and Tissue Donation Month and the LaRue County Circuit Court Clerk’s office wants everyone to consider becoming a potential organ and tissue donor. They also want everyone who wants to be a donor to sign up on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

  • A Kentucky farm owner invites his brother, nieces and nephews from the city for an afternoon of fishing at the pond behind his house. The farm owner tells his guests not to worry about a fishing license since they plan to fish on his land.

    However, the visitors in fact do need their license.