Today's Features

  • Asthma. This is probably a diagnosis that someone in your family has heard at some point. Approximately 30 million people in the country have asthma and it continues to be an ongoing and growing problem. It is one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States, affecting 8.3 percent of adults and 10.9 percent of children and is a common reason for excessive absences from school.  Annually, asthma accounts for 14.7 million missed school days for children and 24.5 million missed work days for adults. 

  • Casey Whitlock Sidebottom and Katy Blair Cecil graduated from Western Kentucky University on May 15.

    Sidebottom serves as an instructional assistant at LaRue County High School and received her Master’s Degree in exceptional education from WKU.

    Cecil, who teaches 10th and 12th grade English at LCHS, received her Master’s Degree in English literature.

  • Hodgenville City Police remind residents to keep their cars locked when unattended.

    Three or four unlocked cars were ransacked on Woebegona Lane early Monday, according to Lt. Steve Johnson. Glove boxes were rummaged through and a variety of items taken.

    “Everything from medication to a purse was taken,” Johnson said.

    It’s better to remove all valuables from a parked car, Johnson said. But if they are left inside, they should be out of sight and the car doors locked.

    Some of the items were found in a nearby dumpster Monday afternoon.

  • Aleshia Pearl Akin, recipient of the Sylvia Kersenbaum Scholarship, was recognized as an outstanding student at Western Kentucky University’s Potter College of Arts and Letters.

    The student awards ceremony is held each spring to recognize students who have excelled academically or who have demonstrated exceptional leadership or service.

    Akin will be a senior this fall continuing to work toward a degree in music education.

  • Warm weather is a time when homeowners work on home improvement projects. If you have been contemplating improving your home’s energy efficiency, this year could be a good time to do it. Not only can these improvements benefit the environment and your wallet through cost and energy savings, but many state and federal tax credits are available to individuals who make energy efficiency improvements to their homes this year. These tax credits would apply to your 2009 tax return due next year.

  • The Taylor County Animal Shelter, the agency that houses LaRue County’s strays, has the following pets available for adoption: black lab mix, bird dog, cocker spaniel, golden lab, shepherd mix, beagle mix, two cats and four kittens

    The shelter is located at 2175 Hodgenville Road, Campbellsville. Hours are Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. For more information, or if your youth or community group is interested in a project to provide food treats and toys for the animals, call 270-465-7651.


  • Many of us grew up with a family garden and remember the fresh taste of the first tomato of the summer or the crispness of the first ear of corn. While you may not have the time or space to grow your own fruits and vegetables, you can still get the freshest produce available at the local farmers market or farm stand businesses. Shopping at the local farmers market has numerous benefits for you, your family, local farmers and the community. 

  • Leslie Pike of Hodgenville read her award-winning essay Saturday, June 6, to more than 350 beekeepers at a regional Beekeepers Association meeting in Grayson County.

    The essay “The Dance Language of the Honeybee” explains the history and significance of a bee’s dance. Also included in the essay were several types of dances.

    Pike won first place in the state for her essay and second place in the nation. The sixth-grader’s winnings totaled $600.

  • Diabetes Coalition to meet

    The Hardin and LaRue Diabetes Coalition is open to anyone with interest in improving the lives of people that are affected by diabetes through promotion of early diagnosis, reduction of complications, prevention, and elimination of diabetes. The group will meet 6-7:30 p.m. July 7 at the Lincoln Trail District Health Department. For more information, call Melissa Conder at 769-1604, Ext. 1035.

    Mother of the Year

  • LaRue County was represented at the State 4-H Teen Conference in June with five delegates attending. Jessica Wells was a returning delegate. Kaity Skaggs, Maria Durham, Kelsey Sallee and Kaylin Perkins attended for their first time.