Today's Features

  • “If anything is excellent of praiseworthy – think about such things” Philippians 4:8

    You don’t have more problems than other people – you just think about them more often.

    Stop: go back and reread that sentence. Take a moment and consider what it means. It’s what you think about that produces how you feel. If you don’t believe that, try getting angry without first having angry thoughts or getting sad without first having sad thoughts. You can’t do it, can you?

  • A young paralyzed boy had surgery and after some weeks of therapy was able to walk. As he was being dismissed from the hospital, he said to his surgeon, “Doctor, as long as there is a tongue in my body, ain’t nobody going to hear the last of what you did for me.”

    Can you identify with that young boy? When you think of what Jesus Christ has done for you, can you stop sharing the good news with others? Every time you think of what he has done, don’t you want to tell others? 

  • This summer’s wet, mild weather made the perfect conditions for late blight in tomato plants.

    Late blight on tomatoes was found in LaRue and Laurel counties and could be more widespread, according to University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. The disease causes leaves to wither quickly and die. It can affect the whole plant or begin at the top or bottom and spread.

    LaRue County Extension Agent David Harrison said the infected plants were found on Old Sonora Road.

  • A fairly significant outbreak of blue mold has been found in several fields east of LaRue County in Clark, Montgomery and Fleming counties. The disease appeared to have started in early July. The incidence and severity of blue mold was quite high. Actively sporulating lesions were abundant, making this a strong source for blue mold to spread.

  • If Tickle Ragland doesn’t hold a record for length of corresponding with a pen pal, she surely must be close.

    Ragland, 72, has exchanged letters with Sharon Meisenheimer of Walnut, Ill., for 62 years.

    In those six decades, they have seen the price of stamps increase from 3 to 44 cents, but much more importantly, the two women have developed a closeness that rivals that of siblings.

  • Greater Works has moved

    Greater Works Church has moved to 102 N. Walters Ave. beside Arrowhead Pawn. Sunday service at 11 a.m.; Wednesday at 7 p.m. For more information, call 358-8399 or e-mail greaterworkschurch@windstream.net.

    McCubbins Family to sing

    The McCubbins Family and Joymakers will perform a free gospel concert 6:30 p.m. Aug. 22 at Highland Commons Shopping Center, U.S. 31E Bypass, Glasgow. Bring a lawn chair. For more information, call 270-651-9307.

    Meadowlarks sing at Middle Creek

  • Producers can elect and enroll in the Average Crop Revenue Election program beginning April 27. ACRE is a provision of the 2008 Farm Bill.

    Producers have until Aug. 14 to make their decision for the 2009 crop. USDA will not accept any late-filed applications.

    Producers who elect the ACRE program for a farm agree to forgo counter-cyclical payments; accept a 20-percent reduction of the direct payments; and accept a 30-percent reduction in loan rates for all commodities produced on the farm.

  • Some growers have observed that there appears to be a smaller growth of soybeans than normal, and are concerned that it could result in reduced yields. Because of this, some are also wondering if the use of foliar fertilizers or fungicides could help make up the difference.

  • The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board approved $4,463,420 in 28 agricultural diversification projects across the state.

    The LaRue County Beef Cattle Association Inc. was awarded $130,000.

    Extension agent David Harrison said the beef producers will act as the administrator for the funds. Individuals and groups can apply for funds in 11 different areas. An informational meeting will be held later this year.

  • Prime Time Band to play

    The Prime Time Band will play at Hodgenville Senior Center 7 p.m. Aug.  21. Free admission and snacks. For more information, call Jim Walters at 737-5655.

    Senior Citizens music

    The Senior Citizens Center in Hodgenville has music every Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Musicians and singers are welcome. For more information, call 358-4311 or e-mail viola47@windstream.net.