Today's Features

  • The LaRue County Farmers Market will have a corn grill 2-5:30 p.m. Friday, July 30. The market is at the Extension Service's parking lot on Old E’town Road.

    To keep the best quality in taste and appearance in fresh vegetables when you freeze them, take the time to blanch them in boiling water. Blanching (scalding vegetables in boiling water or steam for a short time) is a must for almost all vegetables to be frozen. It stops enzyme actions which can cause loss of flavor, color and texture. Quickly cool vegetables after blanching by plunging them into ice water.

  • University of Detroit Mercy School of Law’s Project Salute is visiting Louisville in partnership with the Legal Aid Society to develope a program to recruit and train volunteer attorneys to help veterans. Project Salute will be at the Legal Aid Society at 416 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. July 9-10. Project Salute students and faculty will provide individual consultations for veterans with VA benefit appeals. 

  • Celebrity chefs say people eat with their eyes first. It may be true, but most of us use our senses of smell and taste to satisfy hunger.

  • The Veteran Service Office at Fort Knox wants to assist veterans from around the state to find and apply for benefits to which they are entitled.

    The office’s purpose is to assist veterans and survivors of veterans with claims to the Department of Veteran Affairs and to help with applying for benefits and special compensation based on injury. The office also lobbies congressmen and senators on issues concerning veterans and veteran benefits.

  • Get set for Family Fun Day, Aug. 7

    Fun for all ages is on the agenda for Hodgenville Main Street’s Family Fun Day, to be held at Creekfront Park. The games begin at 5 p.m. and will be followed at 8 p.m. by a free concert by the popular country music group, Edgewood. Bring your chairs or blankets to enjoy music under the stars. Entrance to the festival is free.

  • Based on your financial personality there is at least one budget that should work for you. However, some budgeters are likely to retire with enough money while others are likely to always have to deal with financial emergencies. What is your budget personality? Below is one type and more will follow in the next two columns.

  • The Kentucky Cancer Program is looking for cancer survivors living in the Lincoln Trail District – Breckinridge, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson and Washington counties — to possibly be featured in a traveling photo exhibit, Faces of Cancer, in 2011.

    This is the fourth year KCP has done the exhibit, said Col. Luke Barlowe, co-chairman.

    “It’s a nice thing to do for people and they seem to really enjoy it,” he said.

  • Food pantry at LaRue County Church of Christ

    The food pantry at LaRue County Church of Christ will distribute food to families who qualify 6-7 p.m. July 28. For more information, call 358-9812.

    Cardboard Nation fundraiser 

    A “cardboard nation” fundraiser will be held July 30 at Creekfront Park in Hodgenville. The fundraiser will provide support to a local missionary and his family. For more information, contact Tyler Hornback at 234-3516.

    Union Separate Baptist holds homecoming

  • Revelation 13:1-10 discusses the beast from the sea.

    The beast rising up out of the sea is a mirror-image of the dragon, called forth from the peoples of the world (17:15) as an ally in his war against the saints.

    The crowns are the 10 horns (political power) not on the seven heads (the source of authority) which is the dragon who delegates authority to the beast. The beast is the incarnation of political-social evil and is a composite of Daniel’s pictures of past political powers (see Daniel 7:7).

  • We love to talk. Many radio stations have a 24/7 talk format. Everybody seems to have something to say.

    I read that the average American has 30 conversations a day. If you take our conversations for a year they would fill 123 books of 400 pages each or 52,800 pages per year. The average man speaks 20,000 words a day, while a woman speaks 30,000 words a day. Talking that much – there is no wonder our mouths get us into trouble.