Today's Features

  • The Christian life is the happiest and most fulfilling life that a man can live, but it is no bed of roses.  The Apostle Paul says it is a spiritual battle until you are taken home to heaven (Ephesians 6:10-20).  To live it rightly means one must make a full and complete surrender to God’s will.

  • Easter EGGstravaganza and 5K

    A community family event will be held Saturday, April 8 at First Baptist Hodgenville located at 730 Tonieville Road in Hodgenville. A 5K run will be held at 9 a.m. followed by the children’s egg hunt at 10 a.m. The egg hunt and other children’s activities are free to the community. The 5K entry fee is $25 and supports Relay for Life. For more information contact the church at 270-358-3193.

    Roundtop Baptist Bring a Friend Day

  • Thought for the week: Nobody’s perfect, so give yourself credit for everything you’re doing right and be kind to yourself when you struggle.

    I really enjoyed the articles and pictures of the phone exchange to smartphone. I also enjoyed the Nationwide Uniform article. I worked there 35 years ago for three and one-half years.

    I enjoyed this past weekend with my Kyknitwits sisters for our Spring Retreat in Pineville, KY.

  • Mitzi Smith Moore, husband Reggie and son CJ was involved in an automobile accident last Friday morning. Everyone was admitted to Hardin Memorial Hospital. Mitzi was admitted to University of Louisville Hospital and had surgery Sunday morning. All went well. She is slowly improving along with husband and son.

    Jimmy Handley was admitted to Hardin Memorial Hospital and returned home last week. Linda Andrews is now a resident at Kensington Manor Nursing Home in Elizabethtown for rehab.

  • Katelyn Elizabeth Davila and William Allen Wickstrom were united in marriage on Sunday, March 5, 2017. The private ceremony was held at Sunrise Manor Nursing Home, which allowed the bride’s grandmother to be in attendance. Marty Lee of New Hope Community Church in Elizabethtown officiated.

  • Revival at Church of God

    The Church of God continues revival at 7 p.m. through April 2. They are located at 339 Hwy 1079 in Magnolia. Evangelist will be Rev. Mike Nixon. Bro. Mitch Cameron will be singing. Every one is welcome to attend. For more information contact Pastor Doris M. Randols at 270-765-5358.

    Easter EGGstravaganza and 5K

  • Have you experienced the “LaRue County Rocks” craze yet? It not, it is simply a hide and seek rock-painting and rock-hunting experience that thousands are following across our county. Did you know there is a time-honored, Bible-described pattern for using rocks?

  • The sins of disposition can cancel your influence for Christ.  They are perhaps the most neglected and misunderstood of all the problems involved in living the Christian life. 

    Many people are not even aware that it is possible for one to pay his debts, contribute to charitable organizations, attend church every Sunday, and still be ill-natured, arrogant, fault-finding and vulgar.  In other words, the sins of the spirit are just as bad as the sins of the flesh and many times more subtle and dangerous.