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  • Sometimes you just have a hunch; you can’t explain it but something tells you to veer from your normal path and see what lies ahead in the other direction. One such hunch came over me last week on my way to work. I was running late and was just going to take the quickest route to Hodgenville from home, Hwy 31E. But something was telling me to turn off on Salem Church Road. Maybe it was my lack of acceptance that it was indeed production day after a long weekend with Monday off, but I followed my instincts and took the long way to work.

  • By Ron Sanders

    Guest Columnist

  • I love a good road trip. Not the driving across the country kind of road trip, I prefer to get lost in back roads that meander through the county-side. I enjoy finding off the beaten path sights and can’t resist turning down a road I haven’t traveled. Now that I’m working in LaRue County I’m eager to learn all about it and one of the first things I want to do is get “Lost in LaRue.” Join me on my adventures as I take pictures of places and people and write about my findings.

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  • Miranda Miller has been selected as the September Employee of the Month for Nationwide Uniform. We are proud to say Miranda has been employed with Nationwide since April of 2002 and is currently under the supervision of JoAnn Pearman in the trouser department. Miranda will receive a special award for her dedication and service.

  • The House Task Force on Vulnerable Kentuckians has been rescheduled to this Friday, October 21 at 10 a.m. at the LaRue County High School in Hodgenville.

    The event was originally supposed to be held last Friday. However, it was cancelled after the arrest of LaRue County High School Principal Kyle Goodlett.

    House Speaker Greg Stumbo established the Task Force on Vulnerable Kentuckians, made up of a bipartisan group of state representatives, to study issues and problems that affect Kentucky’s population in need of support.

  • Last Sunday was Choir Day at Lane Lincoln. The afternoon guest was Daryl Montgomery along with Pastor Reverend Eddie Bigbee and congregation of Pleasant View Baptist Church of Franklin, Kentucky. Daryl was the former musician at Lane Lincoln and First Baptist.

  • Come join us in worship as we begin our Fall Revival at Sunrise Manor! It starts on Wednesday October 19 in the first floor dining room; continuing on the Second floor on Thursday October 20, and concluding on the first floor on Friday October 21 beginning each night at 7 p.m.

    Brother Billy Curle will be preaching every evening and there will also be special music at each service. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Obediah Okeson