Features http://www.laruecountyherald.com/features/todaysfeatures en 2018 KY 4-H Teen Conference http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/2018-ky-4-h-teen-conference <p> With summer just around the corner, it is time for Kentucky 4-H teens to register for the 2018 Kentucky 4-H Teen Conference.</p> <p> The Conference takes place at the University of Kentucky June 11 through 14 and is open to all 4-H&rsquo;ers who have graduated eighth grade through the age of 18.</p> <p> During the conference, 4-H members have the opportunity to experience dorm life in UK residence halls, attend educational and recreational workshops and meet new friends from across the state.</p> Community Calendar - March 21,2018 http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/community-calendar-march-212018 <p> COMMUNITY</p> <p> LACE nominations</p> <p> The LaRue County Community Education (LACE) Advisory Council is accepting nominations for the 2018 Community Education Service Award and the Judy Cox Community Spirit award. Nominations must be received by March 31, 2018 and can be mailed to LaRue County Community Education, 208 College Street, Hodgenville, KY 42748 or emailed to conniegoff@larue.kyschools.us. For more information contact Jean Mills at 270-358-9926.</p> <p> Community Breakfast</p> Church Calendar http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/church-calendar-120 <p> Lenten Lunch at FBC</p> <p> First Baptist Church Hodgenville invites the community for their Lenten Lunch 2018 at noon each Thursday of Lent through March 29. For more information call the church at 270-358-3193.</p> <p> Fish Fry</p> <p> Lane Lincoln Christian Methodist Episcopal Church located at 200 Tanner Rd. will be having a fish fry at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 23 and the cost is $8 a plate.</p> <p> First Baptist Easter Egg Hunt</p> Humble yourself http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/humble-yourself <p> You are more proud than you realize. I am too. We are more arrogant than we care to admit. We default to being jerky and judgmental with a dangerous frequency. We need to humble ourselves quickly before the Lord humbles us through painful discipline.</p> <p> Here are four thoughts on why and how we should humble ourselves:</p> Why Did Jesus Die? http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/why-did-jesus-die <p> What a trial --- the charges were false and the witnesses were paid to lie. Has anyone ever heard of such injustice? Yet, Jesus who could have commanded the armies of heaven to come to His rescue, died willingly. He voluntarily placed Himself in the hands of cruel men who crucified Him.</p> Cooking corner - March 21, 2018 http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/cooking-corner-march-21-2018 <p> Nutty Banana</p> <p> 2/3 cup mayonnaise</p> <p> 2 tablespoons sugar</p> <p> 6 medium banana</p> <p> 1 1/3 cup peanuts (finely chopped)</p> <p> Mix mayonnaise and sugar together. Roll bananas in mayonnaise mixture. Roll bananas in the nuts.</p> Church Calendar http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/church-calendar-119 <p> Lenten Lunch at FBC</p> <p> First Baptist Church Hodgenville invites the community for their Lenten Lunch 2018 each Thursday of Lent now through March 29. For more information call the church at 270-358-3193.</p> <p> Roundtop Baptist Easter Egg Hunt</p> <p> Roundtop Baptist Church in Elizabethtown will have an Easter Egg Hunt at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 17. For more information call 270-737-7339.</p> <p> First Baptist Easter Egg Hunt</p> Rejoice in Salvation http://www.laruecountyherald.com/content/rejoice-salvation <p> Recently, I heard a story of a church where an individual became a new believer. The excitement of the decision overtook the new follower of Christ and the individual shared Jesus with everyone he came in contact with. After a couple of weeks of this behavior, a Sunday School class discussed the boastful nature of this new believer. During the conversation, an individual who had been a member of the church for many years simply said, &ldquo;Just give it a few weeks until he gets over his salvation.&rdquo;</p>