• Does our faith marvel Jesus?

    By Paul Richey

    Guest Columnist

    If we were to take a moment and evaluate our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, would our faith marvel Jesus or would Jesus say, “Oh you of little faith?” The Bible gives us examples of both these extremes. Peter was identified at one moment as having a faith that was small. In contrast, we read in Matthew 8:5-13 of a Gentile, centurion soldier who is identified by a faith that marvels Jesus. So does your faith marvel Jesus?

  • And now?

    Congratulations to those who are graduating, be it from kindergarten to college, or beyond!  And hats off to those at all grade levels who have received awards and recognition for high achievement! You are to be commended upon reaching goals you have set for yourself and those set by others for you.  The way has been made easier for you to move ahead to other chosen efforts.  The word “commencement” means “beginning,” so you are better prepared for what lies ahead.

  • Church Calendar

    Walnut Hill Baptist Church

    Walnut Hill Baptist Church will be having a car wash at the LaRue County Farm Bureau office on N. Lincoln Blvd in Hodgenville at 10 a.m. on May 28, weather permitting. If not, a later date will be rescheduled.

    Pikeview Baptist Homecoming

    Pikeview Baptist will have their homecoming at 10 a.m. May 29 at Pike View Baptist Church located at 2923 Aetna Furnace Hwy in Magnolia. There will be no Sunday school. Dinner will follow. For more information contact Louise Pottinger at 270-735-5210

  • Race and Godliness

    By Jonathan Carl

    Guest Columnist

    Have you ever noticed how much you think about yourself? Everyone does it. You don’t have to try to. It just happens. Why?

    Have you ever noticed how natural it is to compare yourself with others? To look down on others in order to think better of yourself? Why does that happen so easily and so often?

    Have you ever noticed how easy it can be to go through a day with little thought, time, and attention devoted to God through His Word and prayer? Why are we so oblivious to God and self-focused?

  • With all thine heart

    Carolyn Smith here, George’s wife.  I asked permission of the editor to allow me to pre-empt my husband’s column this week in order to tell his readers that May 20 was the 60th anniversary of his ordination to the Gospel ministry.  

    We are so thankful that God has used him all these years and continues to do so, as he still pastors a church and continues to write this devotional column for three newspapers.

  • First Baptist Missionary on a Mission for God

    Last Saturday was the second Daughters of the King Luncheon and the event was held at First Baptist Hodgenville. On a cool windy day, women from the surrounding area made their way to First Baptist for the second luncheon sponsored by the Missionary Society of First Baptist. Everyone enjoyed fellowshipping with one another while Missionary members and friends were preparing for the luncheon.

  • Worship at the center

    Draw a circle that represents your life. At the very center should be our worship of God. Christ is to be the center on our heart’s throne.

  • Never lose vision

    This past week I had the opportunity to visit the eye doctor for my yearly eye exam. As I entered the office, I easily navigated the corridors that led to the examination room. Upon entering the room, everything changed as I removed my contact lenses. At that moment, my blindness became obvious. I struggled to judge depth and distance of surrounding objects, I could not see any details around me, and what once were obstacles easily avoided became obstacles to fall over.

  • Church calendar - May 18, 2016

    Ovesen Heights Baptist Indoor Yard Sale

    Ovesen Heights Baptist Church will be having an indoor yard sale from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. All proceeds will go to finance mission trips to Kenya and Oklahoma. Many items, too many to list.

    Women’s Ministry Meeting

    Lighthouse Church of God of Prophesy is inviting women 12+ to their Women’s Ministry Meeting from 1-3 p.m. May 21 at the church located at 604 Lincoln Blvd. in Hodgenville. For more information contact Pastor Mary Milburn at 502-216-7231.

  • A Word to the Ladies

    Every day is or should be Mother’s Day.  Since that is true, my remarks about mothers, Christian women and the Christian home will not be out of place even though the official Mother’s Day has come and gone for this year.

    All the artillery of hell has been pointed at the home.  The hell-hatched sins of immorality, adultery, abortion and many others inspired by the devil are aimed at the destruction of the family and home.