• Let’s eat grandma

    The last time we visited the church we like, the pastor’s message was titled, “Let’s Eat Grandma — the Importance of Punctuation.”

    My first reaction was, “Hmmm. Punctuation? Really?” He spoke about commas.

    I’m a word person and I know a little bit about grammar and punctuation, but not much. And commas always throw me off.

  • The way to good days in 2016

    The Apostle Peter says, “Whoever would love life and see good days must …” (1Peter 3:10-12). Peter goes ahead to tell us some things that we must do to see these good days. These are fascinating verses as we enter a new year for all of us would like good days in 2016.

  • Wise Men and the New Year

    The story of the wise men is filled with mystery and intrigue. They come to Jerusalem after Jesus’ birth. They sought directions to find the newborn King. Someone jokingly said, “The reason they are wise men is they are the first men in history to stop and ask for directions.”

    The wise men were evidently professors and philosophers from a country that is today Iraq. They were brilliant and highly educated and trained in what we would call today astrology. In that day astrology was connected with a man’s search for God.

  • Lessons from the Shepherds

    A survey was done that asked the question: Which character of the advent did most people identify with? Was it Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, Herod, the shepherds? The shepherds came out on top. Throughout the history of Israel, shepherding was a noble profession. Some of the great characters of the Bible were shepherds including Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and David. God also calls Himself a shepherd.

  • Church Calendar

    Harvestland Community Church

    Harvestland Community Church will have a Christmas Eve service on Thursday, December 24 at 8 p.m. For more information call 270-358-5418.

    South Fork Baptist Church

    South Fork Baptist Church will have their Christmas Eve Service at 5 p.m. December 24. Everyone is invited to attend.  

  • Church Calendar

    Rolling Fork Christian Church

    Rolling Fork Christian Church will be hosting a live nativity scene on Friday, December 18 from 6 to 8 p.m. The live nativity scene will contain live animals and people portraying the birth scene of Christ. For more information contact Brother Tim Underhill at 502-827-3061.

    Wesley Meadows United Methodist Women

  • Following a King

    Most of us are familiar with the story of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” but what about the man who tried to kill Christmas?   I’m referring to Herod who hated Christmas more than the Grinch and Scrooge combined, even though he had never heard the word Christmas.

  • Children participate in ‘Joy Bags’ ministry at LaRue Baptist Church
  • Church Calendar - December 9, 2015


    Wesley Meadows United Methodist Women

    Wesley Meadows United Methodist Women will be hosting their annual Cakes, Candy and Cookies Sale from 9 a.m.– Noon, Saturday December 19, in the fellowship hall at 4341 Campbellsville Road. Containers for candy and cookies will be for sale, or you can bring your own container. All proceeds go to mission projects sponsored by the UMW. For more information contact Betty Allen, 270-358-3300 or Doris Jones, 270-358-3065.

    LaRue County Church of Christ Food Pantry

  • Getting Ready For Christ

    “Are you ready for Christmas?” This phrase often means, “Do you have all your shopping done?”

    It is so easy to walk past the manger and Jesus with our arms filled with gifts. Have we allowed the Savior to be stolen from our Christmas celebration?