• Church Calendar - August 10, 2016

    Annual Trail Ride for Christ

  • Overcoming consumer Christianity

    By Paul Richey

    The Western Church has fallen prey to the mindset of consumerism. We attempt and expect perfection. Each individual approaches ministry with the ideology that the customer is always correct and that if we feel disappointed then we have the right to demand change or choose another location to “attend” church. Consumer Christianity is robbing individuals of the joy of the Lord in their lives and leaving them searching for something to fill the void that only God can ultimately fill.

  • Our spiritual positions

    “We have been taken out of the great graveyard of sin and placed in the throne room of glory.”  Warren Weirsbe in his Bible commentary on Ephesians says this is “our spiritual position in Christ.”

    When we responded by faith to what Jesus did for us on the cross as He died for our sins, Christ became our Savior, our sins were forgiven and we became a child of God.  Spiritually, Paul explains what happened to us in Ephesians 2:1-10. He shows us how sin worked against us, God worked for us and in us and desired to work thru us.

  • Mission trip to Camp Crossway
  • Church calendar - August 3, 2016

    Union Separate Baptist Church

    Union Separate Baptist Church will be having homecoming service at 11 a.m. EDT on Sunday August 7. Bro. Mike Gribbins will bring the message. The Sextons will be the guest singers. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Old Mount Sherman Cemetery accepting donations

    Old Mount Sherman Cemetery is accepting donations for upkeep. Mail checks to Dale Warren, 3624 Sand Ridge Road, Magnolia, KY 42757 or call 270-528-4142.

  • Election Drama

    Election Day. Some people can’t wait for it. Some people can’t wait for it to be over. Some people love their political options. Some people hate them. Emotions run deep when talking about politics, creating much division and drama.

    So what is a Christian to do? Here are four biblical truths and tips to avoid getting drawn into (or creating more) election cycle drama.

  • The answer for our problems

       We live in a sick world where many are trying to doctor the illness, but they are only treating the symptoms, not the disease.  Someone said: “If the experts were laid in a row end to end, they would never reach a conclusion.”

  • Pokemon and seeing the unseen
  • God's plan for healing

    I’m sure we will all agree that we are blessed to live in America, but would you also agree that not all is well with our beloved country?

  • VBS Calendar - July 13, 2016

    Buffalo Church of the Nazarene

    Buffalo Church of the Nazarene will have VBS from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. through July 15. The theme is Camp Kilimanjaro and is for ages 4 through 6th grade. For more information contact Brenda Price at 270-325-3787.

    Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

    Mt. Moriah Baptist Church will have VBS through July 15 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. each night. For more information call 270-723-0291 or 270-325-3429.

    Mt. Tabor Baptist Church