• Walking Tall for Jesus

    In 1964, Buford Pusser was elected sheriff of McNairy County, which is located on the Mississippi-Tennessee state line. He set about to clean up the corruption in his home county which he dearly loved. His mantra was “Walk Tall and carry a big stick.”

    A movie was made about the sheriff’s efforts in cleaning up his county. The movie was entitled, “Walking Tall.” This term stands for anyone who goes against the grain, who seeks to make a difference and goes against the tide of society.

  • Church Calendar

    Lenten Lunch

    First Baptist Church is hosting a free Lenten lunch each Thursday through March 24, 2016. Each week will feature a free lunch, Bible study, and weekly giveaways. The church is located at 730 Tonieville Road in Hodgenville. Reservations are not required but recommended. For more information call the church office at 270-358-3193.

    Movie Night at Rolling Fork Christian

  • Embrace your weaknesses, fear your strengths

    By Dr. Paul D. Richey

    Let’s be honest for a moment. No one likes to be described as weak, feeble, or frail. Rather, people long for descriptive terms like resilient, strong, and durable. Individuals desire to believe in their own strength to conquer life and overcome obstacles. The truth is that life in Christ should be counter to this. Believers should embrace their weaknesses and trust the strength of the Lord. One should fear the threat of living independently in our limited, fleshly strength. The Psalmist writes in Psalm 20:7-8:

  • Steps to Contentment

    Many people seem to find no satisfaction in life and they walk around in discontent lacking fulfillment. Paul stands in stark contrast to these when he gives his testimony in Philippians 4:11-19.

    Paul writes from terrible conditions being in prison, yet he said he was content even in this situation. He said, contentment is learned.  The situations of life are a schoolhouse to learn contentment, but some never learn and thus their lives are unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and unhappy.

  • Church Calendar

    CU Church Outreach Life Team

    Wesley Meadows United Methodist Church will be hosting Campbellsville University’s Church Outreach Life Team at 11 a.m. Sunday, February 21. Worship service will be provided by the team. A potluck meal will follow the service. For more information contact Bro. Cory Murashige 270-325-3740 or 808-268-9096.

    Chili Supper and Gospel singing

  • Christian Risk

    By Jonathan Carl

    Guest Columnist

    Americans live in the midst of a society that seeks to avoid and minimize risk. This includes health, home, auto insurance, warranties, refunds, licensing, bonding, ratings and reviews. People who are risk takers seem out of place among us and may be referred to as crazy, stupid, or adrenaline junkies. Yet, when the reward seems great enough, we may begin to consider taking risks we might not otherwise take.

  • The process of change

    “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22).  How do we get these character qualities?  God does not one day zap us. There is a process.

    God has a part and we have a part in the process.  In a physical workout you develop or tone the muscles God has given you.  Paul urges us to cultivate our spiritual lives.  God provides the power.

  • Church Calendar - February 10, 2016

    Chili Supper and Gospel singing

    Walnut Hill Baptist Church will host a Chili Supper and Gospel singing at 5 p.m. February 27, in the Community Center in Upton. Any group or person can come and give us A and B selection is welcome. The public is welcome to attend. If weather is bad it will be cancelled and another date will be set. Donations will be appreciated. For more information contact Kenny Jr. 270-537-3409.

    Food pantry at Magnolia Cumberland

  • Decompartmentalize

    Decompartmentalize. I realize that this is not a word, but rather it is a description. To the believer it is a calling and a directive of how life should be lived. To the one who is seeking something greater and better in life, it is a statement and an invitation to a life of purpose and belonging. To fully understand the necessity and calling to decompartmentalize, we must first understand the real threat of compartmentalizing our lives.

  • Help with the stress

    We would all agree that we are living in stressful times.  The threat of terrorism added to living in this technical age results in stress on every side.  Many people endure life, while many others are living a joyous life.

    Paul’s words to the Philippians gives us some steps for managing stress and having joy in our lives (4:4-8). ”Rejoice in the Lord always” (4:4). Is this possible?  Listen to Paul’s strategy.