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  • The woman behind the cure

    Metro Editorial

    Thousands upon thousands of women have battled breast cancer. Some have pulled through the disease, while others succumbed to the disease after a brave fight. Few people who have waged war with breast cancer are better known than Susan Komen, a name many instantly associate with the organization Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the most widely known, largest and well-funded breast cancer organization in the United States.

  • Lesser-known symptoms of breast cancer

    Metro Editorial

    Public perception that breast cancer is only identified by lumps detected through self-examination or routine mammography may prevent thousands of women from receiving an early diagnosis and the care they need. Although lumps are the most common symptom associated with the disease, women should recognize that breast cancer can produce additional symptoms.

  • Cooking Corner

    Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups

    10 slices white bread

    1 can apple pie filling

    1/3 cup melted butter

    1/2 cup sugar

    1 teaspoon cinnamon

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

     Cut the crusts off your bread and roll each slice flat with a rolling pin. Combine cinnamon and sugar on a small plate.

    Pour the apple pie filling onto a plate and chop it so the pieces are smaller. Put about 2 tablespoons apple pie filling on each slice of bread and roll up.

  • Reunion Calendar

    Buffalo High School Class of 1955

    The 1955 graduating class of Buffalo High School will celebrate their 60th class reunion on Friday, October 16, 2015 at the Stone Hearth Restaurant in Elizabethtown beginning at 5 pm. Call Bobby Gaddie @ 270-325-3228 with any questions.

    Class of 1985

    The LaRue  County High School Class of 1985 will have a 30 year reunion on October 17 at Arrowhead BBQ in Hodgenville from 6 to 11 p.m. The cost is $20 per person, which includes the price of the meal. For more information call 270-324-3917.

  • Ross wins $2,000 Lincoln Days raffle
  • Community Calender

    LaRue County Public Library

    LaRue County Public Library will have a free class on Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables. This will be on August 27 at 5 p.m. Call 270-358-6216 for more information.

    LaRue County Saddle Club

    The LaRue County Saddle Club will have their monthly meeting on Thursday, August 27 at 7 p.m. at the arena in Hodgenville.

    Mobile Mammogram Unit

  • Cooking Corner - October 21, 2015

    Deep Fried Apple Pie Bites

    1 qt Vegetable oil

    1 pk Prepared refrigerated pie crust

    1 can Lucky Leaf Apple Pie Filling

    1 tbsp Pure maple syrup

    1 tsp Cinnamon

    For the coating

    3 tbsp Butter

    1/2 C Sugar

    1/4 C Cinnamon


    Preheat oil in a large pot over medium heat. Oil should reach temperatures between 350°-375° F. It is best to use a candy thermometer.

  • Glen Rice in concert

    Glen Rice’s 2015 Musical Concert Series will have a “My Special Christmas” concert at 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 6 at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center in Elizabethtown.

    The concert will feature musicians Pat Portman, Amber Martin, Allie Shae, Camille Turner, Teri Lynn Dandy, Roger Conley, Ricky Howsare and Clint Sapp.

  • Cranberries with holiday meal

    By By Jamie Pronschinske

    WKU Dietetic Intern

  • Rotary news - November 18, 2015