Community News

  • Ragbrai Bicycle tour

    Ragbrai, is an annual seven-day bicycle tour across Iowa. Ragbrai is the oldest multi-day bicycle tour in the country. The tour is seven days and 480 miles long.It runs from Sioux City, Iowa, at the Missouri River to Davenoport, Iowa at the Mississippi River. Participants dip the back wheel of their bicycle in the Missouri River at the beginning and their front wheel in the Mississippi River at the end. 

  • Hodgenville News

    Thought for the week: The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply.

    School starts this week, hoping everything goes smoothly. Bus routes will be on timely schedule for the children. Please be sure to obey the law where the school buses are concerned. Here’s to all the teachers, hope you have another great and successful school year. To the students, enjoy the school year and put your best foot forward and learn all you can.

  • Community News

    Saturday, August 1 was the Barbour/Jordon/Thompson Family Reunion at The Pritchard Community Center in Elizabethtown. Sunday, August 2 was the Church Anniversary and Annual Homecoming at Pleasant Union Baptist Church in Campbellsville. Rev. Jerry and Rosalyn Wilkinson and John Smith attended the General Association of Kentucky Baptists held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Louisville.

  • Farmers Market Fun
  • Nolin RECC members making change in community

    Nolin RECC members have voluntarily contributed thousands of dollars in a special account to help their community. These dollars began as small change through the Operation Round-Up (ORU) program at Nolin. Since implementing ORU in June 2006, over $140,000 has been donated to projects/agencies in our communities.

  • Harp Twins to perform in Hodgenville

    Special to the LaRue County Herald News

    Harp, like you’ve never seen or heard before, and it’s coming to the Hodgenville Civic Center November 7, 2015.

  • Volunteer spotlight: Beverly Heath

    I was recently approached about answering the question, “Why do you volunteer”? I don’t have a definitive answer to the question or perhaps there are many answers. I will give some responses and let you decide.

    I was raised by parents with a giving spirit. My mother was a 4-H leader, a homemaker’s demonstration was given in our home trying to get the organization started, and my father was active in Farm Bureau, the county fair and served as monitor of our little country school. Many teachers lived with my family while teaching at Kennady School.

  • Bookmobile Schedule

    Aug. 4

    Rose Circle, Miami Ct., Lincoln Village, Cox, Landmark apt., New Freedom

    Aug 5

    Westpoint, Hwy 357, Maxine Rd., Aetna Wells Rd, New Jackson Hwy

    Aug 6

    Laugh & Learn, Nationwide, North L & N, Dangerfield Rd., Athertonville, Bardstown Rd.

    Aug 10

    Headstart, Goodin Will. Rd., Slack Rd.

    Aug 11

    LCHS, Kids Crew, Sunrise Manor, Campbellsville Rd.

    Aug 12

    Kingdom Kids, Senior Center, LCMS, Morningside Apt., Larue Trace Apt.,Taylor Mills Apt.

    Aug 13

  • Sunrise Volunteers

    Bob Wilson

    I would like to pose a question to LaRue Countians: How willing should we be to help those who are hurting? Maybe it’s someone at work, a neighbor, a friend or someone in our own family. I’m sure we all try to help someone in need. Here at the nursing home volunteers try to help residents enjoy life even more than they normally would. We as volunteers would like to invite you to join us in helping those who are hurting.

  • Be a Gift to the World

    Special to the LaRue County Herald News

    The Rotary Club of Hodgenville welcomed District Governor Mike Kull to their weekly meeting, on July 23. He enjoyed the one on one time with one of the 57 Rotary clubs in the western district of Kentucky.

    The local club was able to share with Governor Kull information about the many service projects that the Rotary club has participated in during the last year.