'Zinnia Fest' brought friends and flowers together

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By Steve LaRue

Much like the highly anticipated London Summer Olympics, the first annual Zinnia Fest is now one for the record books, I am happy to report.


The number of readers who stopped by Groundhog Hill more than tripled my estimate, and I thank them for coming. Hope they are still enjoying their flowers and are recounting to friends and family about their time visiting what very well may be The Garden Spot of the Universe.

Saturday morning, the skies were kind of threatening rain and thunder. I was worried that I would be alone in the garden for two hours with nothing to do but pull weeds, however, many brave souls sought out GH much to my delight.

I was sort of hoping some deer, groundhogs, wild turkey, rabbits and squirrels would stop by and maybe run through the garden while folks were cutting their zinnias, but none did.

In between visits, I sat in a chair and read Keeping Faith by Fenton Johnson, but mostly, I daydreamed about next year’s garden and Zinnia Fest 2014. (Sorry, Fenton.)

Next spring, I could triple the size of this garden and create a zinnia or sunflower maze. Robin Lee suggests we grill some corn. Perhaps, pony rides and guided creek walks, as well. Possibilities, they are endless.

Friends from as far away as Howardstown to Elizabethtown to Buffalo stopped by, and my brother Ben brought donuts. Such support! Even local farmer Cleve McStubbins (and his Missus) made an appearance.

Now, the garden has returned to its quiet, grass-filled state. I imagine the critters have uttered a collective sigh: “glad that’s over.”

My attention is turned to the pumpkin plants which don’t look very hardy all of a sudden. I’ll think about them tomorrow, though.

Time for me to cut some zinnias for my own kitchen table, and to give thanks for friends and flower power.

More later from Groundhog Hill.

For more photos of the garden, check out Steve’s webpage www.groundhoghill.wordpress.com.