WKU announces Dean's List

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The following Western Kentucky University students from the LaRue County area were named to the Dean’s and President’s lists for the fall 2013 semester.

Full-time undergraduate students with a semester grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.79 are named to the Dean’s List.

Students with a GPA of 3.8 to 4.0 are named to the President’s List. Their names are marked with an asterisk.

To be eligible for the either list, students must have at least 12 hours of coursework that semester.

The entire list can be found at http://www.wku.edu/mediarelations/deanslist.php.

Buffalo– Elijah S. Ernst*, Jordan B. Gaw*, Michael R. Huff, Caleb D. Thomas, Heather D. Johnson, Katie L. Brown*

Hodgenville– Meredith S. Dickerson, Max L. McCubbin*, Katherine O. Nash, Seth A. Hummer, Allison J. Miller, Kenny L. Albert, Margaret A. Whitlock, Lorrie M. Benningfield, Jessica P. Cave, Marshall D. Metcalf, Megan E. Smith*, Jimmie N. Fathergill*, Christopher S. Poteet, Maureen A. Thompson*, Angela N. Moreno*, Kayla S. Pullin*

Magnolia– Blake H. Milby, Terri L. Robertson*, Landon E. Wolford, Ashley R. Cottrell, Rebecca L. McKelvey*, Katelyn N. Calhoun*

Sonora– Kassie M. Huffman, Shelby R. Highbaugh*, Dylan L. Gipson, Kyle J. Calhoun,

Upton– James C. Cobb, Amanda K. Staples*, Stephen M. McKellep, Joshua L. Dennis, Micah A. Farmer, Michaela L. Ash*, Laura M. Fulkerson, Paula Bean

Glendale– Justin P. Cave*, Amanda N. Peerce*, Afton M. Conner, Jessie A. Key, Katherine J. Hall, Mary E. Overbay

New Haven– Kaylyn R. Boone, Jesse A. Wimsett, Kelli F. Ralston*, Whitley A. Bowling, Carley D. Ferguson*, Emily A. Boone, Sharon N. Boone*, Albert D. Parr*, Mary E. Newton*

New Hope– Domonic T. Hawkins