Wise men still seek him

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Journey to worship in the New Year

By George Smith

The story of the Wise Men is shrouded in mystery. How many were there? Where did they come from? How long did the journey take? They show mysteriously, and just as mysteriously, they are gone. What do we learn from their story?

“Where is he that is born King of the Jews?” Their journey seems to be one of faith. They had faith that he was alive and they needed to find him. They were willing to risk everything to find him. The Wise Men were men of faith, and the fact is God’s journeys always involve faith.

We cannot please God without faith. If we want to approach him, we must believe that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him. People of faith have been willing to respond to the challenges of the unknown over and over again throughout history.

The purpose of the Wise Men’s journey was one of worship. There is symbolism in their gifts since gold represents wealth, which is a perfect gift for a king.

Frankincense was appropriate because it is the sap of a tree that was dried and hardened and used as incense in worship. It was a gift for his deity. Myrrh was appropriate because it was a perfume used to anoint the dead, symbolizing that Jesus was the sacrificial lamb.

But there is more to worship than these three gifts. Worship always involves sacrifice. The Wise Men paid a price: they sacrificed their comfort and went on a long journey which was dangerous.

The greatest gift you can give to God is yourself.

A result of the Wise Men’s journey was change because they returned another way. Once you meet God, your life is forever different.

This Christmas we once again heard the story of the Wise Men. When they met Christ, a change occurred. Did you encounter God this Christmas? If you did, you will never be the same. If you desire your life to be different, come to Christ and allow him to make the change. You need first to trust him as your savior and then he begins the process in your life.

You can enter the New Year a different person. Christ can change your life. Be like the Wise Men, find Christ and worship him.