What's in your wallet?

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Hopefully, your driver's license is there

By Ben Sheroan

Do you have your driver's license handy?

Go ahead. Check your wallet. I'll wait.

I realized recently that all the items from one side of my wallet were missing. I carry a lot of stuff in my wallet. It's not a filing cabinet like George Costanza on "Seinfeld," but does contain some old receipts, forgotten reminders and a few valuable documents.

One of the missing items was my driver's license. Over the previous weekend, my wife and I had gone on a trip out west. You use your driver's license a lot to get through airports and pick up a rental car. Apparently, the leather had stretched with all the grabbing and removing of the card.

Usually when I misplace something I have no idea when it last was in its place. That's always my wife's first question: "Where did you see it last?" If I knew where to go look for it, the item wouldn't be lost.

But in this circumstance, I was certain the license was there Wednesday morning and early Thursday afternoon it was gone along with all the items that fill that corner of the wallet.

So I made a list of every time the wallet came out of my pocket and retraced my steps.

It wasn't at the place that I ate lunch. It wasn't at the place where I had stopped for a soft drink. It wasn't at the place I had purchased fuel the previous day.

But at each stop and every stop, the merchants had drivers' licenses that had been misplaced. A couple times, they had to shuffle through two or three to make sure mine wasn't there.

I never expected to discover every store has a missing license in their lost and found. I thought I was the only goof. I began to wonder, how many folks are out there driving without a license?

So check your wallet and begin your search.

And while you're doing that, I need to tidy up. You see my license turned up safe and sound on my dresser where the wallet sits every night. It got lost in the stack of forgotten notes and other items stacked there. I have some cleaning to do.

Ben Sheroan is general manager of The LaRue County Herald News.