Western Kentucky University announces honors list

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 Western Kentucky University has announced the students named to the Dean's and President's lists for the spring 2012 semester. Full-time undergraduate students with a semester grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.79 are named to the Dean's List. Students with a GPA of 3.8 to 4.0 are named to the President's List. Their names are marked with an asterisk (*).

Students who have asked their information to be kept private will not be listed.

Christian H. Seymour, Shelby R. Haun* Hodgenville, Shelby L. Rogers*, Ashley M. Abell, Andrew T. Tucker, Rachel L. Humphries, Max L. McCubbin, Allison J. Miller, Jeffrey S. Wingard*, Jonathon O. Jeffries, Kristi S. Grant*, Ryan A. Howell, Stephanie S. Matherly, Whitley R. Lawless, Abigail Williamson*, Jeffrey S. Stanfield and Tracie L. Fathergill, all of Hodgenville;

Evan B. Webb*, Jordan B. Gaw, Michael R. Huff and Caleb D. Thomas, all of Buffalo;

Erin L. Heady, Stephanie M. Burba*, Taylor L. Akin*, Kayla L. McCubbins*, Kirsta N. Jackson, Terri L. Robertson* and Rebecca L. McKelvey*, all of Magnolia;

Cynthia A. Reid of Mount Sherman;

Kelli F. Ralston*, Carley D. Ferguson*, Melanie N. Kennedy*, Sharon N. Boone*,  Molly P. Kennedy, Jennifer Williams, David A. Nalley and Megan Ball Miller, all of New Haven;

Christopher G. Davis* of New Hope;

Cassandra A. Sturycz*, Molly A. Smith*, Alexandria R. Finlay*, Alyssa D. Blessitt*, Rebecca J. Morgan* and Brandi M. Eastridge*, all of Sonora;

Lea A. Milby of Summersville;

Kayla A. Cruse*, Bethany L. Riggs*, Stephen M. McKellep, Micah A. Farmer, Britney M. Heinbaugh and Jaclyne N. Bradley*, all of Upton;

Keri B. Gibson, Adam D. Rogers, Jordan C. Sanders*, Sara K. Wigginton*, Justin P. Cave and Clayton T. Bruce, all of Glendale.