Weight loss challenge begins June 4

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By Felicia Gray

 Starting June 4, the LaRue County Cooperative Extension Service and LaRue County Health Department will sponsor a 10-week weight loss program on Wednesdays.

The program will be from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. at the LaRue County Senior Center. It ends Aug. 6.

Theresa Howard, family and consumer services agent at the Extension office, and Diana Leathers, community health educator, said the classes are open to all ages.

“The 10 weeks is long enough for them to start to make changes and figure out which ones are going to work for them and which ones aren’t,” said Leathers.

Each session will be informative, with new topics of discussion every week, such as understanding nutrition labels. On June 18, a dietitian will speak on prevention or control of diabetes. 

“It’s good general health information that would apply to anyone at any age … it at least gets people focused,” Howard added. 

Howard suggests that people in the program shoot for 5 to 7 percent loss of body weight.

“That little bit of change can make a really big difference.”

The main goal of the program is not to lose weight, but to encourage people to be healthier.

“This is not a crash diet plan, by any means, it’s to develop good healthy habits and lifestyle,” said Howard.

Howard and Diana hope the program will help bring the community together.

“You kind of get to know each other over the course of the 10 weeks. I think that for a lot of the people from the senior center, it’s going to let them get to know each other in different ways and give them something to talk about with people they don’t normally talk to,” Leathers said.

They will be giving away free items throughout the program, such as water bottles, cutting boards and pedometers. They will also recognize anyone who achieves the suggested 5 to 7 percent body weight loss as a winner of the “Biggest Loser” Challenge.

The 10-week weight loss program is something that Howard and Leathers have done for groups (such as clubs, churches, or schools) in the past.

For more information on the program or to request a weight loss program for your group, contact Howard at 270-358-3401 or tahoward@uky.edu, or Leathers at 270-358-3844 or Dianal.Leathers@ky.gov.