Wee! It’s time for preschoolers

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By Debra Ramey

Parents struggle every year to decide if their child is ready to take that first big step into formal education called kindergarten. While there’s no perfect formula that determines when a child is truly ready, preschool is one tool some parents use to help their child get ready.


Abraham Lincoln and Hodgenville Elementary Schools offer a free weekly preschool program called Wee Time that meets 9-10:30 a.m. every Thursday. The program alternates between HES and ALES from week to week. Children ages 2-to-4 may attend. 

This week Wee Time will be at ALES in the cafeteria.

“During Wee Time, children are exposed to numbers, letters, colors and shapes,” said Machelle Durham, ALES Family Resource Center Coordinator.  

It is a very hands-on, interactive hour and a half. They will participate in singing, listening to a story, working on a craft, eat a snack, and take turns sharing in group time. 

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to stay to assist their child when needed. 

“They will also gain skills to help them to be better learners; such as how to focus their attention, listen carefully, be respectful of others, share in a group and ask for help,” said Melissa Pearman, coordinator for HES Family Resource Center. “They learn how to socialize and get along with other children.” 

For more information about Wee Time, call Pearman at 270-358-3506 or Durham at 270-358-4112.