We’ll do more community stories, but we need your help

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By Linda Ireland

In July and the first week in August, The LaRue County Herald News published a series of mini-special sections.

The stories and photos about Sonora, New Haven, Upton, Buffalo and Mount Sherman proved to be immensely popular with our readers. We’ve received numerous phone calls and emails complimenting the sections and asking for more.

In today’s Herald, there is a section about Howardstown.

Here are a few suggestions from readers: Gleanings, Ginseng, White City, Tanner, Eagle Mills and Leafdale.

We’ll do our best to deliver – but we need your help. If you have old photos or tales from other communities in LaRue County – or those that overlap other counties – please give us a call at 270-358-3118 or email editor@laruecountyherald.com.

We’re looking for photos of country stores, baptisms, reunions and schools. Family photos are fine too.

Also – if we missed something in earlier sections, we’ll be happy to include the information in a future issue.

We’ve received several old school photos that we plan to use as space allows.

We’re interested also in the stories and photos of local churches. If you have old minute books or scrapbooks on your church’s history, along with photos, we’d love to add you to the list. We’re especially interested in smaller churches that have served their communities for years.

I love the congregation photos from yesteryear – but have noticed they dropped out of favor several decades ago.

These days, almost everyone has a decent digital camera. Why not schedule a Sunday to take a congregational photo? Identify everyone and email it to us. We’d love to run it.

Future generations will love it – and appreciate it.

Trust me.