Training held on social development and behavior

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Early Childhood Council holds training for 32 caregivers

By Theresa Howard

The LaRue County Early Childhood Council sponsored training on April 18 for 32 local child-care workers. The six-hour training was held at the Extension Service office and covered topics on teaching strategies for social and emotional development and styles of disciplining or positive guidance.

Child-care workers learned how to work with children who have challenging behaviors. This is to help a child’s self esteem because a misbehaving child is a discouraged child.

Parents can help keep their children’s minds and emotions healthy by encouraging their kids to: limit amounts per day of non-violent television shows, movies or video games; help other people in need; deal with stress and anger constructively, like getting outdoors to exercise, and talking with friends; and treat others with respect.

The Early Childhood Council hopes these trainings help local workers at child care centers teach their students new skills they can use at home. This is good for children who are lacking in social skills, such as not realizing how their behavior affects the people or other children around them.

The instructors were Sharon Hundley from Campbellsville University Early Childhood program and Mary Hogan Jones, from St. Catherine College. The 4-C office, Community Coordinated Child Care, in Elizabethtown helped with training certification.