Trailer no match for 'old men wrecking crew'

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GUEST COLUMN by John Smith

Charles Hagan Edlin and his wife Mary live in a large two-story house in Hodgenville. Mary’s great-grandfather Wilbur Vaughn built the house in 1903.
Mary is the fourth generation of the Vaughn family to live in this house. She and Charles Hagan have bought a smaller, more modern house with a smaller lot and plan to auction their old house later this month.
Sometime in the early 1960s, a mobile home from Mississippi was moved behind the old house. Christeen Lyons lived there several years. Since it has been vacant for several years and is in a deteriorated condition, the decision was made to disassemble it and haul it away.
Enter the old men wrecking crew of Charles Hagan, Charles Wheeler and John Poteet. We learned something real fast. We learned this mobile home was well built and seemingly did not want to be disassembled.
If it had one screw holding it together, it must have had a thousand and just as many nails. And the glue used where the siding overlapped and on the awnings – well they just don’t make glue like that anymore. We learned that stiff joints and stiff muscles are no match for disassembling a mobile home, regardless of its age.
Each of us left a little skin and a few drops of blood on this job and were lucky we didn’t leave more.
But all in all, this was a rewarding experience. Something like a lot of agony and a little ecstasy.
We three old men enjoyed each other’s company because we respect each other. We may even love each other a little though we would probably never admit it. But each of us know for sure that we have two true friends that are as close as our telephone.
Very soon, we hope, there will not be a remnant left of the old mobile home and this property will have a new owner. Charles Hagan and Mary will be living in their new home and Ellie, a faithful old cat that was on the job with us to the very end, will have a safer new home. She has been hit twice by cars in Hodgenville.
And this winter when the snow is on the ground while drinking coffee, we three old men can reminisce and say, “Do you remember?”
If you have an old mobile home that needs to be disassembled, we are sorry, the “old men wrecking crew” is booked solid for the next three years.