TOUCHPOINTS: A good reputation is based in morality

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By Phyllis Perkins

Character is defined as a group of ethical and mental characteristics that mark a person or group. A person’s character is actually who you are. Our moral integrity and reputation speaks often of our character.
Living by the values of scripture earns us a good reputation and makes us trustworthy. What we do shows what we really believe. The heart is the wellspring of moral or immoral behavior. Conduct is the fruit of character. While conduct is not the same as character, it grows out of who we really are and is one of the best indicators of what kind of character we have.  
“For every tree is known by its own fruit” (Luke 6:44). When we do evil, it is a dead giveaway that we have evil within us. We hear so much talk about bullying in the schools. So much hurt that can be caused by senseless conduct of others.  The person who is being bullied will never forget the hurt caused by someone’s mean behavior. How much better to show kindness which is a fruit that comes from the Holy Spirit. Our character should reflect the values that are written in the Bible.
Live a godly life, treat others the way you would like to be treated then your character would show to everyone who you are in Christ. Those striving for godly character, are working toward moral excellence. And Jesus is the ultimate example in moral excellence.