Time to count the cost

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Opinion: Lanny Vincent

By The Staff

Just when you think that state government has found some sanity, Gov. Steven Beshear just gave it away. In trying to placate his radical, left-wing voter base, he has decided to continue giving written driving tests in 22 different languages just five days before the State Police were going to English only in a cost-cutting measure to the state and tax payers.

He uses the lame excuse that by doing so would drive away potential businesses in the state. This is complete and total malarkey. What businessperson could care less that the state driving test is in English only? As a past business person, I would prefer that everyone in the state speak and read English and all business correspondence were in English. 

It would seem obvious that it would pose a safety hazard by giving the test in multiple languages. How is someone who cannot read English to determine that they’re going the wrong way on an exit ramp to an interstate? Are they going to be able to read Do Not Enter or Wrong Way? 

With the state in the obvious financial condition that it’s in, this would seem to me to be a perfect place to start cutting costs, but it appears that Beshear is a typical tax-and-spend Democrat. He whines about the alleged $1 billion budget deficit forecast yet continues to finance wasteful programs such as this.

Beshear made the comment the change “did not reflect the values of this administration or the values that I think most Kentuckians share – as a state welcoming people to do business here.” It’s obvious that Beshear’s values do not reflect the values of most Kentuckians. 

We need to tell the radical left wing groups such as the ACLU that immigrants, legal and illegal, have the same opportunities that I had to take the driver’s test, learn to speak and read English. 

Thank God for David Williams. 

Lanny Vincent