Think pink today

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By Linda Ireland

That’s right. You saw what you saw.

Today’s edition of The LaRue County Herald News is printed on pink paper.

We hope to make a point with the pink paper about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a terrible disease that thousands of people suffer from in this country. Chances are, every reader of this issue has been touched by the disease in some way, whether they or a family member suffer from it, or they know someone who has.

Inside are stories about breast cancer — who can get it and how steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Today’s pink edition is just a small token by this newspaper to help in bringing awareness to this disease, its effects on those who are fighting it and the importance of early detection.

As you read this newspaper today, and you go about your business this month, I hope the efforts put forth by so many organizations around the country will succeed in raising awareness.

But this is only one issue. And October is only one month. Hopefully, what we will all take away from these efforts is that for thousands of Americans, this is a year-round issue that they live with every day.