There will be no cents from this office today

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Between March 13 and March 26, the U.S. Mint sold out of 100,000 of the Lincoln bicentennial cent two-roll sets.

By Linda Ireland

A lady called our office last week hoping to persuade one of us to “share” one of the new Lincoln bicentennial pennies with her. While we were sympathetic that she has not been able to find one, we weren’t about to mail one of the keepsakes to a perfect stranger.

It’s not like the pennies have been showing up in pocket change.

If we had known on Feb. 12 at the unveiling ceremony what we know now, we would have stood in line to buy as many as we could get our hands on. The coins, honoring Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, have been fetching a pretty penny on eBay and other online auctions.

The new Lincoln pennies featuring a log cabin on the reverse proved to be such a hit with collectors that the U.S. Mint sold out of the two-roll sets Thursday, according to the Mint’s Web site. The coin roll sets went on sale only two weeks before at $8.95 per set.

The uncirculated Lincoln silver dollar and the proof Lincoln dollar also sold out last week.

You can still attempt to place an order for the proof coin on the Mint’s Web site. You’ll encounter a “waiting list notice” and language saying orders won’t be processed unless an older order is canceled.

That’s not likely as collectors recognize the value of the investment.

Since Feb. 12,  450,000 Lincoln commemorative silver dollars have been purchased.

On Feb. 12, $5,000 of the birthplace cent rolls were sold to people who attended the unveiling ceremony in Hodgenville. After that, 100,000 Lincoln cent two-roll sets were sold through the Web site.

Collectors will have another shot at the proof Lincoln dollars. It, along with the four bicentennial pennies, will be featured in a five-coin proof set sometime this summer. Only 50,000 of these will be sold.

If you’re still looking for the new cabin penny, your best bet is checking on eBay or other online site.

The next bicentennial penny will be released in Lincoln City, Ind., on May 14. No other details are available.