Teen's poem to be published in 'Stars in our Hearts'

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 A poem by Riley Askins has been accepted for publication in the September edition Stars in Our Hearts through the National Poetry Movement.

Askins recently was notified of her status as semifinalist in the contest. Her poem is entitled “Japanese Untouchable.”

Askins, a 16-year-old senior at LaRue County High School, is the daughter of Wayne and Molly Askins of Hodgenville. She plans to acquire multiple college degrees after her graduation.

When not writing poetry, she enjoys promoting her business Help4Teens (www.help4teens.spruz.com).

Japanese Untouchable

Published in “Stars in Our Hearts”

Riley Askins


A Japanese Untouchable,

You are gold, you cannot rust.

Steal, you cannot bend.

For you...

My soul, body, and mind...


So when I toss and writhe in dreams unmentionable.

And twist and churn in somnolent pain.


My beautiful nightmare.

Appear to me.

Slip through my fingers like grains of sand we made love on.

And save me from bending too far.