Taylor County changes mind about animal shelter

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Taylor County magistrates did an about-face last week, voting to close Taylor County Animal Shelter, effective April 17. The shelter was to become a holding facility that day, and shelter staff members were to transport animals for care. The county contracted with Adair County to provide that service at a cost of $44 per animal.
The decision severed a longstanding agreement with LaRue, Casey and Green Counties to house strays. LaRue County had renewed a three-year contract with Taylor in January to house its stray animals. After being notified of the magistrates’ decision,  LaRue contracted with Hardin County’s shelter.
Last week, Taylor magistrates agreed to meet with SPCA members and other animal activists  in an attempt to reach a compromise.
They decided to keep the shelter open as an adoption facility – but only for Taylor County’s animals.
Taylor County Judge/executive Eddie Rogers called Adair County officials Wednesday morning to tell them about the magistrates’ decision and to break the contract for them to house Taylor County’s animals.
LaRue County is continuing in an agreement with Hardin County to house up to 20 animals per month for an annual fee of $21,000.