Swimming pool at Parks and Rec vandalized

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Hodgenville police are investigating

By Morgan Rose

There was an incident of vandalism at the LaRue County Parks and Recreation swimming pool July 6.

While pool workers and police aren’t sure exactly when the damage was done, they say that it must have occurred sometime after 2 that morning.

Pool Manager Bryan Sprowls said picnic tables, chairs and other equipment had been thrown into the pool. The vandals also spread wax and lotion throughout the pool area and wrote profanities on a dry erase board at the entrance of the pool.

Sprowls said he has been monitoring the area at night for a while because vandalism has happened around the pool and the adjacent neighborhood on several occasions.

Sprowls said he drove by the pool around 2 a.m. Tuesday and that “everything was fine” at that time, so the vandalism must have occurred sometime after that.

Chief of Police Johnny Cottrill investigated.

There was a report of juveniles being in the pool during early morning hours the prior week. They had left by the time police arrived.