Sunrise Volunteers need you

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Letter to the editor

By The Staff

Can you imagine your daily life having no one to talk with or not being able to get about and do things? This, somewhat, describes those living in a nursing home. This may explain why some just sit in a wheelchair, head down, looking so alone. Or, perhaps, spend their days asleep in their beds.

There may be entertainment and events going on, but they feel lonely for a one on one contact. Someone to talk with about their early years or to spend some time reading to them. This is where the Sunrise Manor Volunteers come in.

Spending time with these wonderful residents may become more of a blessing to you than the other way around. Taking just a little time to bring a smile to a tired face can be uplifting to both parties.

With the various events, help is needed to bring the residents from their room to where the program is held. Church services are given every Sunday morning and afternoon. Mass and the Rosary are held two days a week. Special church programs are held on Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon. Two Bible Study classes are held Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Some of the other events are music programs with guest groups or singers, plus the rhythm band, which consists of the volunteers singing old time gospel music. Bingo and a variety of other games provide entertainment, as well. The first Friday of the month holds a party for residents with birthdays that month.

This is why volunteers are needed. Maybe not just for the “social” activities, but also to visit in the rooms for a few moments, of those who are bedridden and unable to attend events. Any way it goes, you are needed and most welcome to join a group of caring, dedicated people - the Sunrise Manor Volunteers.

Call Kathy Cooper at 358-3103 and learn how you can become a member. Can you spare one or two hours a week to bring a little joy into someone’s life and heart?

 Also, the Volunteer Honor Guard is available to attend funerals for deceased Sunrise Manor residents and volunteers that are being held in LaRue County, by contacting the funeral director in charge of the service.

Bradley D. Whipkey