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What is a mountain that spits out hot boiling liquid and rocks? If you guessed a volcano then you are correct.

A volcano isn’t just any normal landform; it acts like a living thing that spews out contents one couldn’t imagine.

 To be able to understand a volcano, one must know its features. The central vent is the opening at earth’s surface through which lava, hot gases, and rock fragments burst through. The magma chamber holds all the magma in one spot inside the volcano. Craters are large bowl-shaped basins in the surface of the volcano.

Even though there are many features of a volcano the real thrill is the explosion.

Seeing the outburst of a volcano would be a one in a life-time chance. First magma, gases, or rock fragments build up pressure inside the volcano. These substances are very hot so it finds a weak spot in the volcano and melts it away. Therefore, creating the central vent that lets all the magma, gases, or rock fragments explode out of the volcano. Although this would be magnificent to see, one wouldn’t prefer to be close to the active volcano.      

Most volcanoes are located in the “Ring of Fire” in the Pacific Ocean. One of the dominant regions of the “Ring of Fire” is the coastal area of Eastern China.

Since numerous people live in Eastern China, volcanoes are disastrous.

      From its unique features, to its eruption, and even its location a volcano can take center stage to other landforms. It has special physical features. A cycle to form an eruption. It also has specific locations throughout the world. This is all simply stating that volcanoes are amazing.

Celeste Menard is the daughter of David and Rachelle Walsh. She is interested in Youth Group, Beta Club, skateboarding, Wii and collecting squishy items. She would like to be an inventor.