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The main leader of the holocaust was Adolf Hitler. He blamed Jews for Germany’s economic problems. He then spread hateful theories about Jews, Gypsies and other German groups. He claimed that the Jews were not as good as other Germans. Though many people did not believe Hitler, he was dead serious about what he said. To show that he was serious, he ordered attacks on neighboring countries and forced them under German rule. He quickly captured Jews and non-Jews as prisoners to fill his concentration camps.

In Nazi concentration camps, prisoners lived in cramped quarters. They had no personal possessions. They had only the clothes on their backs. The only thing they did have was a dish for food. However, some got no food at all. Being starved may not have been the worst part of the concentration camps. Some camps were developed to be death camps.

The number one way the Jews were killed was by putting them in the gas chambers. The person in charge of the gas chambers was Heindrich Himmler. He put people in gas chambers if they had mental issues or were elderly or ill. Even small children and babies were killed.

The gas chambers worked in a systematic way. When the Jews would go into the room, it would get hotter and hotter as gases filled the room and they were murdered.

The way the Jews died was so terrible. The holocaust was one of the most horrifying events that happened in human history.

Paige Aline Noe is the daughter of David Matthew Noe. She is interested in band and softball. She would like to become a lawyer or judge.