Student essay winners; The LaRue County Republican Party sponsored an essay contest: “What the U.S. Constitution Means to Me.”

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More than a piece of parchment By KAYLA DILE

The constitution is the lifeblood of this nation, our rhyme and reason, our certificate to being American.

To me, the constitution is not merely a contract, but represents what it means to be part of this great country. The constitution establishes a perfect Union, creating a nation in which we can thrive and be proud. The pages of the constitution grant citizens of the United States freedoms, giving us rights as humans. This manuscript is the heartbeat of our country; it throbs in every American’s heart, it beats in my heart.

Moreover, the constitution is the brick and mortar, providing safety and freedom. Many other nations have tried, and failed, to replicate a document such as this, an article establishing power and stability. The United States of America rests on the breast of democracy; the constitution establishes and maintains a way of life, upholding the wellness, protection, and security that is fought for by those who defend this country, and in turn defend the constitution.

The power to lead our country is, as a whole, in the people’s hands; we invest power to those we elect, entrusting them to make the right choices. Though I am still too young to vote, one day I will aid in choosing those who will lead me and my country; I am grateful to have the power to choose my destiny and to assist in our Nation’s future.

Furthermore, our constitution holds within it the outline of our laws which keep us united, safe, and equal. As citizens, we are granted a fair judicial system; laws provided by the constitution create structure and deal reasonable judgment without frivolity. I feel free to stroll down the sidewalks of my hometown without fear of unmerited law enforcement or unprovoked hostility, a common experience for many people in other countries. The constitution shatters any attempt to relinquish our rights under unjust laws, allowing those who are unjust to be brought under the full consequences of the law and its regulations.

Although the guiding hand of the constitution is not limited to safety and leadership; it branches out into every aspect of our homeland. The constitution keeps power in check; it allows power to lie in the voices and decisions of the people, while outlining the fate of those who protect us on the front lines. In this nation I have the right to an opinion; I have the right to speak my opinion wholeheartedly without fear of repercussion or prosecution. If I were not under the justice of the constitution I would not be free to write this essay. I have the privilege to believe and practice the religion of my choice; other nations are not permitted this opportunity and are met with lethal action if they continually disobey. In a world where I can aspire to be all that I can I am grateful to be free to believe what I feel is right. In the United States I have the right to live my life without unreasonable search and seizure, to be free of injustice, and to be tried for a crime by my peers, as guaranteed by the sixth amendment. I have no fear of dictatorship or people of power telling me who I am or who they will make me be. These rights, regulations, and laws are what allow us to rise above the rest and be prosperous. I respect and honor our laws and constitution; I understand that they allow me to live my life how I please. Without the enforcement of these rules I could not respect or represent myself as the individual I am.

The constitution, to me, is our nation. We, the people, thrive and live freely because of the document that provides laws guaranteeing our safety and our rights on earth, as people in this nation. The constitution should not be taken for granted; it offers all that makes the United States the nation that it is. The constitution is our homeland’s protection and stability, that which enables us to live the way we choose. In my opinion the constitution is not a mere piece of parchment; this magnanimous document is all that it means to be free, to be American.