State Fair 4-H Cloverville results

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By Misty Wilmoth

Congratulations to all the 4-H members whose projects are currently being displayed in Cloverville at the Kentucky State Fair. Results are as follows:

Stefan Cowley – Senior Jewelry Beadwork, White

Darienne Grimes – Unit 3 Sewing-Clothing, Blue

Meredith Heath – Level 1 Wood Science, Red; Senior Basket Making, Red

Weston Heath – Level 2 Wood Science, Blue

Sarah Lope – Brownies, Blue

Hallie Madriaga – Dish Garden, White; First Year Geology, Blue; Junior Folk Art, Blue; Junior Nature Crafts, Blue; Photo-Hobby, Blue; Photo - five of event, Blue; Unit 1 Sewing-Non Clothing, Red

Cody McDowell – Cantaloupe, Blue; Vegetable Bucket Garden, White; Garden Display, Blue; Tomatoes, White; Cucumbers, White; Beans, Red; Alfalfa hay, Red; Red Clover hay, Blue; Timothy hay, Red; Other grass hay, Red; Mixed hay, Blue; Yellow Corn, Blue; Wheat, Blue; Photo-Landscape, Blue

Leslie Pike – Junior Centennial Photo, Yellow; Corn, Blue; Houseplants, Blue; Hanging Basket, Red; First Year Entomology, Blue; First Year Leaf Collection, Red; Fossil Collection, Blue; Junior Acrylic Oil, Blue; Junior Color Drawing, White; Photo- Collection of three, Blue; Photo - B&W Horticulture, White; Young Junior Crochet, Blue; Cornmeal Muffins, Blue

Michaela Rock – Junior Watercolor, Red; Photo- Community, Blue; Photo- five community story, Blue; Photo- Collage, White; Photo- Horticulture, Blue; Photo, Sequence of four horticulture, Red; Photo, collection of six horticulture, Blue

Millie Ronkainen – Level D Food Preservation- Jelly, White

Randall Sherrard – Largest Pumpkin, Blue

Valerie Sherrard – Largest Tomato, Blue; Peppers, White

Amanda Thompson – Photo – Animal, Red

Kaitlyn Warnshuis – Intermediate Machine Quilting, Blue