Spring on the square brings blooms, volunteers

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New youth members selected to board

By Celia McDonald

Ah, spring on Lincoln Square. Colorful Knockout Roses, sunny daylilies and greenery in the corners, luscious big tea roses and azaleas at the Christian Church, pots of flowers in front of stores and on corners and the pocket park spruced up. Sort of looks like it was planned, doesn’t it?

Well, it was. While the Christian Church, the Lincoln Museum, Lincoln National Bank and probably a few others take care of their own plantings, most of the pots are filled by Hodgenville Main Street volunteers. This year Lincoln National purchased all the plants and did all the work for five pots on their part of the square, a substantial contribution and happily accepted.

Phyllis Blakeman, David Stearman and Susie Literral, dug right in and got the job completed on Tuesday. We look like we’re ready for spring, summer, tourists and the enjoyment of all us homefolks. Take a minute to sit on one of the benches provided though Main Street and the city with the help of donors as memorials and enjoy a spot of sun. Relax and look around at how attractive our downtown has become. Take pride in it - it’s yours.

Businesses with flowers planted in front of them are requested to become “water donors” to keep the plants growing and flowering all through the season. So the pretty-up plan actually belongs to a lot of us, doesn’t it? We can all enjoy it and we can all nourish it and we can all smile nicely and say, “Thank you!” as though it’s all our own doing when visitors tell us how attractive downtown Hodgenville is. That’s what I plan to keep on doing.

New youth board

We welcome aboard three new junior members to the Hodgenville Main Street/Renaissance Association board: rising senior David Cruse and rising juniors Leah Carter and Michael Huff. Congratulate them on becoming involved in a volunteer/public service activity for their community.