Special Needs Adoption Program

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By The Staff

SNAP is the Special Needs Adoption Program within the Department for Community Based Services that operates statewide to recruit families to adopt or foster Kentucky’s waiting children.

Jacqueline “J.D.”, 16, is one of those children. She has a nice smile and a sweet disposition. She enjoys Christian, country and rap music. She likes watching American Idol, the Hallmark channel and Animal Planet. She enjoys playing volleyball and has played on her school volleyball team in the past. She loves basketball and football, too.

Jacqueline enjoys school and makes A’s and B’s. She will need a parent to advocate for her in the schools system to assure her needs are met. Socially, she struggles with same-age peers and often seeks interaction with younger peers. Issues from her past have resulted in a poor self-image that interferes with her ability to interact appropriately with peers. As a result, she would do better in a family with older or no other children in the home. Jacqueline wants to be adopted. She will need a very structured home environment, and parents who have the experience and patience in dealing with the issues resulting from this child’s traumatic past. Jacqueline has a biological sister she visits.

For more information, contact Stacy Hait at Stacy.Hait@ky.gov or 502-564-2147, Ext. 4491.