Slick and getting worse

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 If you can stay home - do so.

LaRue County roads are extremely treacherous and numerous accidents have been reported. Icy conditions will not improve until temperatures rise.

LaRue County Schools are closed.

As of 9:45 a.m., about a dozen vehicles are off the roadway on Ky. 84. Law enforcement and wreckers are having trouble reaching the accidents.

One officer said the ice appears to be re-freezing as soon as city and county road departments are applying salt to the roadways. 

Southbound access to Interstate 65 has also been restricted in Hardin County from Elizabethtown south toward LaRue/Hart County.  Additional freezing rain is falling and continues to compound hazardous road conditions.  Department of Highways road crews are treating roads in the region but are also having a difficult time navigating the roads and getting around accidents.  Other state maintained routes are also experiencing similar icing conditions in Grayson, Hardin, Hart, LaRue and Green Counties.

Motorists are advised to use extreme caution or limit their travel in areas where freezing rain is falling.  Conditions can deteriorate very quickly making travel nearly impossible.