Should middle schoolers "play up?"

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 I am writing to address a situation at LaRue County Schools. My daughter, who will be a freshman this year recently tried out for the LaRue County High School  Cheerleading Squad. The results were posted Friday night and my daughter did not make the squad – she was chosen as an alternate. I am OK with this, but I have since found out that a seventh-grader made the LCHS Cheerleading Squad. 

I think something should be done about this. It happens all the time in LaRue County sports. I don’t mind middle school students playing up when needed, but when they make the team over a high school student, that is wrong.

My daughter was asked to cheer high school as a seventh-grader half way through the school year after they had a few injuries on the high school squad and did not have any other option other than pulling up from the middle school squad. They ended up winning State Champs that year. 

I just wanted to voice my opinion on the situation. I am sure nothing will be done about it, but I feel I should say something. Being in high school should be a big deal. The middle school students will have their turn when they get to high school. I plan on addressing my concerns with the high school cheerleading coaches at the parent meeting, but wanted to voice my opinion to the community. I am a strong supporter of LaRue County Schools and will continue to do so for my children.  

Melissa Jones