Senior Menu

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 Nov. 28 – Hamburger, relish, potato salad, pork and beans, banana and wheat bun.

Nov. 29 – Baked boneless Italian chicken, pasta salad, green peas, grapes and wheat roll.

Nov. 30 – Vegetable soup, beef sandwich with wheat bread, pimento cheese, mandarin oranges, yellow sheet cake and whipped topping.

Dec. 3 – chicken cacciatore, noodles, green beans, whole wheat roll, mixed fruit

Dec. 4 – chicken fried beef steak, mashed potatoes, lima beans, pear halves, whole wheat bread

Dec. 5 ­– pork roast loin, new buttered potatoes, buttered spinach, pineapple chunks, whole wheat roll

Dec. 6 – vegetable beef soup, turkey on wheat sandwich, mixed fruit, crackers, brownie

Dec. 7 – honey glazed baked chicken, baked sweet potato, seasoned cabbage, fruit cobbler, whole wheat bread

Dec. 10 – pork cutlet, mashed potatoes, buttered spinach, applesauce, whole orange, whole wheat roll, brown gravy

Dec. 11 – baked chicken, noodles, green beans, almonds, mixed fruit, whole wheat roll, mushroom gravy

Dec. 12 – meatloaf, baked potato, seasoned cabbage, peach slices, granola with almonds, whole wheat roll

Dec. 13 – pot roast, potatoes with carrots, salad, cole slaw, banana, whole wheat roll

Dec. 14 – fish, stewed tomatoes, navy beans, lemon pudding, cornbread

Dec. 17 – beef stew, salad, coleslaw, yogurt, fruit, whole wheat roll

Dec. 18 – baked ham, navy beans, greens, pineapple delight, cornbread

Dec. 19 – taco salad, white chili (chicken), salad greens, mixed fruit

Dec. 20 – spaghetti and meat sauce, tossed salad, peaches with walnuts, whole wheat bread

Dec. 21 – barbecue pork, coleslaw, salad, baked beans, orange, brownie, whole wheat bun

Dec. 24 – herb baked chicken, potatoes with carrots, green peas, butterscotch pudding, whole wheat roll

Dec. 25-26 – closed

Dec. 27 – chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, buttered spinach, baked apples, whole wheat bread

Dec. 28 – salmon croquettes, rigatoni and tomatoes, buttered broccoli, banana pudding, whole wheat roll

Dec. 31 – beef steak patty, new potatoes, mixed green salad, ambrosia, whole wheat roll