Searching for family of Earl and Barbara Thompson

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Friends were stationed in Ogden, Utah

When I was in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Ogden, Utah in 1955, I met  Earl Thompson Jr. from Hodgenville. Earl and I became friends.

Later in about April 1956, our unit was shipped to Blytheville, Ark.

I have been to Earl’s home in Hodgenville and met his family. He had a brother but I don't remember his name.

Earl’s wife Barbara was from Utah. Earl re-enlisted and went back to Utah to Hill Air Force base.

As years went by, we never gave it a thought to keep in contact with one another. I haven't been able to find him in the White Pages directory in Utah or Kentucky. I thought Earl might still have family there in Hodgenville. My wife is from Arkansas and through the years we have made many trips to her home. We have been just about 30 miles or so from Hodgenville, because of staying in 

Elizabethtown then getting on the Western Kentucky Parkway and heading toward Paducah.

There are plenty of Thompsons there in Hodgenville, but it’s the idea of getting the right one.

John Kessler

Corning, New York

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