School personnel receive 1 percent wage increase

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By Rebecca Roscoe

Employees of LaRue County Schools will receive a 1 percent wage increase next year.

The LaRue County School Board unanimously approved the decision at its April 15 meeting.

Board member Dawn Conner said “it’s difficult to get much more of an increase” due to the economy.

The increase in salary will cost the District a total of $137,200.

SBDM allocations

The board approved the site-based decision making council allocations for each school.

Allocations were based on estimated student population per school divided by 23, for a 23:1 (23 students per 1 teacher) allocation. This number did not include teachers for art, physical education or music.

Board member Linda Pearman expressed a concern: “I would like to see the student to teacher ratio in both (Abraham) Lincoln Elementary and Hodgenville Elementary schools become equal… it seems to be a disadvantage for the kids.”

Superintendent Sam Sanders said the student to teacher ratios might appear to be uneven when looking at individual class sizes, but that school wide the numbers are roughly the same. Allocated teaching positions at each school contribute to the differences in ratios between the two schools but on a smaller level.

The ratio for ALES is 20 children to every two teachers, and for HES, the ratio is 20 children to every five teachers.

ALES serves about 580 students and has 40 teachers; HES serves about 557 students and has 40 teachers.

Waste removal bids

The waste removal contract bid for the 2013-14 school year was discussed. Waste Management and Rumpke submitted bids.

The one provided by Waste Management was the lowest, at $17,482 for regular service. Extra routed pickup service will cost $45 and extra non-routed pickup service will cost $65. Waste Management is the same company that the LaRue County school district utilized last school year.

Members of the board said they felt comfortable using Waste Management since they had not had any problems with their services the previous school year, and since the service was more affordable.