School Board approves tentative budget, adopts calendar

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By Rebecca Roscoe

LaRue County School Board members met May 20, to discuss end-of-year and upcoming school year plans.

A tentative budget was briefly assessed by members of the board and passed.

Salaries for the 2013-14 fiscal year will total more than $11 million dollars; a little more than $1 million is earmarked for grant specific positions, such as community services.

Food service will have an estimated $1,916,184 to work with for the upcoming school year; and the building fund has a total of $788,375 reserved for future projects, which would be transferred into the construction fund upon project approval.

More than $150,000 is budgeted for Kids Crew – the school-operated daycare.

A total of $1,138,567 is reserved for budget emergencies.

The board will seek to approve the “working budget” in September, finalizing amounts.

Allocations for extended employment and extra service pay were increased after a motion made by board member Joanna Hinton. Pay for Abraham Lincoln Elementary School and Hodgenville Elementary School academic coaches will increase from $500 to $750.

Student Accident Athletic Insurance quotes were also discussed. The board decided, by unanimous vote, to once again align the schools with insurance from provider R.J. Roberts for the next school year.

Roberts covers 140 school districts and has worked with LaRue County schools for the past 15 years.

 “It’s a positive thing to have these guys there when you need them …. There’s not too many companies out there that are comparable to R.J. Roberts,” said Superintendent Sam Sanders.
Insurance coverage includes the Axis program, which handles all catastrophic claims. All students are covered through the insurance package. For students who are without insurance coverage, the package serves as their primary coverage.   

Additionally, the insurance package covers all school to work programs.

The insurance costs more than $38,000; the premium has dropped $1,500.

  • Contract options for obtaining a Hearing Impaired certified teacher were discussed.

The school system has a student that requires HI services; however, the district does not have staffing or a classroom for an HI teacher. Applications are being reviewed but there is a shortage in available teachers.

Last year, LCS partnered with the Hardin County School District to work with students who were HI classified.

  • The 2013-14 Innovative Alternative School Calendar was approved, which will allow faculty to have more time to plan, assess and collaborate in grade level or content level teams.  

The new calendar will allow students to be released even earlier from school on Fridays.
Elementary students will get out of school at 1:30 p.m. and the middle and high school students will be released at 1:40 p.m.