Scared on the Square

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Moving Trick or Treat to Friday brought in candy-loving hordes

By Linda Ireland

 About 4,000 people attended Friday’s Trick or Treat on the Square.

Attendance appeared to be bolstered by residents from other counties who were unable to enjoy Halloween Thursday due to inclement weather.

Hodgenville and LaRue County moved trick or treat times from Thursday to Friday evening. The LaRue County Chamber of Commerce moved its annual costume contest as well.

There were 12-to-16 costume entries in each category, except one.

Maegan Hellmueller, treasurer for the Chamber, said it was the “biggest turnout” she has seen in the three years she has been working at the event.

A few business owners were unable to attend Friday but donated the candy they had purchased to other booths so area children could still enjoy it.

A large line formed around Lincoln Square at 6 p.m. as a host of goblins, princesses and ninjas descended on the “treaters.” The line grew throughout the evening.

Eleven-year-old Kaleigh Graham, dressed as a gypsy, said she had been standing in line about 40 minutes and was “only halfway through the line.” She made a good haul at the booths, declaring the Hershey bars were the best.

Her friend, Stauge Jones, competed for the first time in the costume contest. He was a zombie. He didn’t win but enjoyed the event, anyway.

Hodgenville First Baptist Church brought bounce houses and games to the square, giving the trick or treaters another activity to enjoy while they waited in line.