Sallee’s Family Taekwondo conducts camp

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Special to The LaRue County Herald News

Sallee’s Family Taekwondo kicked off a new camp function at LaRue County’s Sportsman’s Lake in August.

Students from Randall Sallee Jr.’s two American Taekwondo Association certified schools, one located in Hodgenville and the other in Campbellsville, attended. Parents were encouraged to attend and participate in the events along with their children.  

Sallee’s black belt students were given a required written examination they must pass to receive their line-judge chevrons which certifies them to serve as judges at regional tournaments.

The camp began with a series of exercises to improve the students’ cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The focus was coaching the individual students in order to perfect their forms, self-defense techniques, weapons forms and sparring techniques. The event will better prepare the students for their next belt testing which takes place in early October and tournaments.