RUS? Laptop initiative is a gr8 idea for students, teachers

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School Board will vote on idea in March

By Ashley Zsedenyi

While covering the LaRue County School Board meetings over the last several months, I kept hearing about this “laptop initiative” where high school students will be given laptop computers to use during class and to take home with them.

Then at last week’s board meeting, I sat through the full presentation of the initiative, heard comments from students, parents, teachers and community members, and finally got to see the full impact this program could make on the students and our community.

All I kept thinking about during the meeting was how beneficial laptops would have been to me while I was a student at LaRue County High School and how much more beneficial it would have been to several of my friends who did not have a computer at home to do their work on.

If only I had a laptop in Spanish class to help me hear the way I was supposed to say the words, or in English class to write papers with or in history class to type lecture notes with, which would have saved my hand a lot of pain, and saved a lot of trees.

While there are some skeptics to this initiative, you have to realize, no matter who you are or what you do, there will be those who disagree and have a problem with it, I have learned that is just part of life.

These laptops will give our students a chance to jump to the front of the pack in the region, and will give them a huge advantage when they step into the professional world in the coming years.

Another thing to think about when starting this laptop initiative is what type of computer to get. Since we are focusing on preparing students for the professional world, it must be considered that Apple computers are becoming the new industry standard.

As someone with both Mac and PC experience, I must say it is not difficult to switch from a PC to Mac, the main difference is some different terminology and locations of certain functions, but after you become acquainted with it, Macs are actually easier to use than PCs - and cause fewer problems.

It is clear, though, that the LaRue County School Board has a tough decision on its hands, and I trust they will make the right decision, for our students as well as our community.

The school board will vote on the laptop initiative in March. Superintendent Sam Sanders is recommending that in order for the measure to pass, a unanimous decision from the board.

Ashley Zsedenyi is a correspondent and former staff writer of The LaRue County Herald News.