Roundstone recognized for green efforts

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From a simple need for local native seed sources for conservation plantings 16 years ago, Randy and John Seymour developed Roundstone Native Seed. Today, they are a leader in the native plant and habitat restoration arena.

Roundstone Native Seed received the Alabama Wildlife Federation Governor’s Conservation Achievement Award. The award is one of the most prestigious conservation awards in the state.

From their beginning selection of foundation seed and only garden-size production plots, Roundstone Native Seed has grown to thousands of acres in seed production with the highest quality native seed on the market. They are the largest producer of native warm season grass seed and wildflower seed in the Southern Ohio Valley and the southeast.

Roundstone is specifically known for their skill in developing useable quantities of seed from specific native plant ecotypes – seed from plants which are naturally adapted to the soil, temperature, geology and local conditions of a specific region. Roundstone not only grows, harvests and conditions seed, they have also successfully planted and established over 100,000 acres of native plant communities across the southeast.

The Alabama Wildlife Federation has been developing native warm season grass projects across the state. Roundstone has been key to the project’s success, from helping with seed sources to providing mixes for demonstration sites.