Rocks tell story of past technology

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By Linda Ireland

 William “Junebug” Gowen, a self-described amateur archeologist for the last 40 years, has spent countless hours studying the scriptures … and rocks.


People can spend a lifetime walking over the history right under their feet. But Gowen has eyed plain old gravel, Kentucky coal, limestone, sandstone and chert under a magnifying glass – and believes he has found evidence of a long-dead culture.

His rock collection, housed near Mount Sherman, includes tiny, fossilized gear-shaped objects and a stone that has encased an object that appears to be a small reel. He believes they are tools or long-lost technology.

Gowen is not the only person who has found what is believed to be ancient technology. Web pages are devoted to the subject and TV documentaries provide information on such anomalies as the antikythera mechanism, a 2,000-year-old analogue computer or the Baghdad battery, thought to have been constructed 200 years before the birth of Christ.

Gowen, who has Native American ancestry, said the earthquake that struck the Holy Land during Christ’s crucifixion in 33 A.D., was much more devastating in the Americas. A highly-developed culture was destroyed.

He’s a firm believer there is “nothing new under the sun” as the book of Ecclesiastes states and that the world continues in a cycle. The same technology that our generation uses is not new, he said. And it ultimately led to destruction.

Gowen said he prays that God will reveal the truth to him and he often fasts. He quotes the scripture to back up his archeological beliefs.

 “God destroyed civilization 2,000 years ago,” he said, “and if we don’t stop playing with technology, that will happen to us.” 

He invited other archeologists to examine the rocks he found. They left, he said, “with their eyes opened.”