Roanoke starts block watch program

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By Linda Ireland

 Residents in the Roanoke area are forming a neighborhood watch program.

LaRue County Sheriff Merle Edlin met with a group of about 15 residents last week at Powerhouse International (formerly Roanoke House of Prayer).

“We gave a few pointers and answered questions about what they can do – and can’t do,” said Edlin.

Several people from the rural area shared similar experiences, said Edlin. An unidentified man has been knocking on doors, then running away; and standing in yards, looking at or in houses.

“One woman was at the kitchen sink and looked up and he was standing right outside the kitchen window,” said Edlin. “To be face-to-face – that’s an eerie feeling.”

Although block watches are not usually used to track down “peeping tom” behavior, Edlin said he believes it will deter it.

The group is planning fundraisers to purchase neighborhood watch signs.