Rewarding outstanding progress

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ECTC honors highly achieving students with reception

The Elizabethtown Community and Tech­nical College Honors Reception to recognize outstanding academic achievement was held on May 6 at Prichard Community Center in Elizabethtown. Several categories of achievement were honored:
Each year the college recognizes exceptional students who have achieved academic honors and scholastic distinction by attaining and maintaining high accumulative grade point averages. Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or above on a full year’s worth of coursework at ECTC to be eligible.
These are specific criteria used for determining honor students:
- Have completed 30 or more credit hours at ECTC.
- Have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above.
- Enrolled as a full-time student during both Fall and Spring semesters of the current academic year, or:
- Are a part-time student who has completed at least 60 hours of coursework at ECTC, who intends to graduate this year.
Awards presented were:
4.0 Medallion- Megan E. Mier of Buffalo

Honors Students- Buffalo- Reno Corriveau, Olivia Beth Curry, Blanche Jane Matthews and Megan E. Mier. Greensburg- Darrell D. Higgason, Shannon Leigh Johnson, Cathy Jo Milby, James F. Stallard and Mark Alan Stallard. Hodgenville- Cortney N. Astor, Todd Edwin Gozzard, Jake B. Perkins and Tracy Lynn Stearman. Magnolia- Amy L. Brown and Amanda H. Kee. Sonora- Darin W. Crossno. Upton- Priscilla E. Anstead, Jesse James Armour, Paula Ann Bean, Jaclyne Nicole Bradley, Marcie A. Miller, Stephanie Gayle Murphy and Savannah Layne Riggs

Program Awards- Hodgenville- Richard Anthony Adkins- Machine Tool Student of the Year and Timothy Sutherland- Automotive Technology Student of the Year. New Haven- Shawna Hall- Computer-Aided Drafting & Design